Can I donate by cash or check? 

Snap! Raise fundraisers are able to process both cash and check donations outside of the group’s fundraiser page. These donations can be credited to a specific participant, and can also be submitted anonymously upon donor request.

Check donations must be written out in the name of the campaign that your participant is joined to for proper submission. Once the check has been delivered to your participant, they will give it to their group leader in order to receive credit toward their goals online.

Cash donations can be submitted to the participant in any amount, preferably in an envelope for easy delivery to the group leader. From there, the participant will give the donation to their group leader to receive credit toward their goals online.

Please note: Once the online fundraiser has closed, donations made via cash or check cannot be attributed to the participant's fundraising goal. 

If you have any questions, our support team can be reached at or by phone at (206) 285-0906.