How do I donate to a fundraiser?

Snap! Raise fundraisers are able to process donations in one of two ways throughout their duration.

First, participants are able to send direct links via email, text, or social media to their personal fundraiser pages, which will allow donors to contribute via debit or credit card directly to the participant of their choice.

Second, Snap! Raise fundraisers are able to process donations made via cash or check, which can be credited to the participant's goal while the fundraiser is active. Checks must be written out to the full name of the campaign the participant is a part of (i.e. - Lincoln High School Basketball 2021).

From there, the cash or check donation can be sent directly to the participant for delivery to their group leader. After the donation is received, they will receive a credit to their account for the amount of your contribution.

If you have a question, please reach out to our support team at either or by phone at (206) 285-0906.